Saturday, December 17, 2011

Auditions & video

Okay , so I have to get through this audition this weekend , and then I shall be normal again . It's the highschool I always wanted to go to , so I must concentrate xD
I will be making a winter stopmotion , a tutorial on ALOOOTTT of things you have requested (hamster cage, food , etc...) and some christmas things :D Depending on how much homework I get , I may do a winter contest ! And I still have to get a po box xD I might not use this blog anymore since this is linked to another email , different then the one I use on Youtube . That is all , you shall see more of the dolls, VERRRYY soon (:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Subscribers Video & School

Okay , so as you may know ,school is going to start on the 8th for me . I still have a Social Studies regents thing to finish , and I have to read two more books along with some summary questions x___x But please be patient ! I also got this cool tablet a few days ago for my artwork xD lol . SO please be patient , I'm pretty sure I can re-do the video tomorrow , I did record it , but I kinda messed up D: So I shall make the video better , and yes ,you'll know my name xD It's not the typical American name :P That's all , just be a little more patient , I have to finish this stupid summer homework x___x aye . Bye , love you all ! Be back in a jiffy after the first day of school (: 8th grade already -___- THEN HIGHSCHOOLL , , BLAIDGWKEHF . okay , bye ^w^

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Things are shaking up .

If I don't reply within a month , let's just say you know what happened . It's like 4:19 now , storm is going to hit soon . Power outages might happen and I'm not sure when the power could come back on after wards . Just hoping that nothing serious happens . Love you all , going to miss you if the worst happens . Pray for the eastern coast , that's all I ask . I loved my life , I'm okay if it comes to an end . Just pray and hope that we are fine . If there is electricity , I'll get updates Monday or Tuesday when the storm finishes out . Love you guys , this is goodbye for now , or even forever <3

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This may be the end .

Hey guys , SO as you all know , hurricane Irene is going to wipe out the east coast . It's already to late to evacuate . Waters are going to reach 11 feet and winds at 100mph . I may not make it back alive or with a home . SO please , pray to god that we are fine , PLEASE PRAY ! No matter what religion , just pray to god that the eastern coast is safe . My area lies near the danger zone , but I'm not so sure if we might get blown off . My doll room is right near the window , so I'm not so sure if everything will be the same . As for my etsy shop , Items will be delivered after wednsday , if that is I'm alive . I may not be online becuase the power might be out . I have taken full preperation and hoping that the storm won't be that bad . Love you all , if I die , please know that my life is now fuffilled <3 Goodbye for now , Irene , I'm ready to take you on .

Friday, August 26, 2011

Now a Hurricane .

Okay , so first and earthquake and now a hurricane D: The east coast is no longer safe . I'm not sure if I will be okay since I live on a really high floor and also near the ocean . My city is on the highrisk zone but I'm not sure to evacuate . I will be sealing my dolls in bags along with other things just in case ... Hope everything goes out fine and no damage done ): I'll try to post a video live . Not sure how to deal with all this o___o

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake ! And I'm alive

Okay so at 2:00 pm today I was sleeping . Yeah I wake up really late , I know , once I woke up at 4pm o__o . So when I wake up , I see that my bed is trembling , and I thought it might be because my eyes are playing tricks on me since I just woke up , but then I see things on my desk shaking . That's when I really started to panic . I hear my mom shout earthquake and me my mom and my aunt rush outside and I'm still in my Pj's . I grabbed my phone so that I could contact my dad who's still at work . So once it settled down I went back upstairs very quickly to grab all my valuables in case there was an aftershock . I stuffed all my dolls in a bag , my laptop,ipod,camera, and ps2, and a gallon of water. I also brought my violin and keyboard . Why you ask ? My keyboard was my cousin's who passed away , and i treasure it deeply. I also saw that Donut passed away , she was stunned by the earthquake , she got a proper burial later on . I placed Bagel , my other hamster in a box and looked around to see it there was anything else that I couldn't have perished . Please note I was also brushing my teeth while doing so , I have never moved this fast ever in my life . I grabbed the keys and then looked around the living room , above my tv there was a picture frame of my cousin who passed away , I took it down and carefully held it under my arm along with my other things and dashed downstairs . That god I made it down safely . There was an aftershock around 2:46 pm and I was panicking . I also took pictures with my phone but no videos , sorry . This was frightning yet so exciting since I never experianced an earthquake in my life .

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facebook Fan Page Official !

I have opened my official fanpage on facebook ! All the others are made by my fans , so yeah , no more confusion xD And contest this weekend ! Sorry I haven't been on blogger for such a long time *o*!/pages/Kittzykk-Official/100105553425677